Conprehensive Exam (D0150)
Necessary Digital X-rays (D0274) – 90% less radiation
Consultation – with treatment estimate

Delivering Exceptional Dental Care

in Delray Beach, FL

Dr. Mark C. McCauley, DMD
Your Trust is Well-Placed
When it comes to your oral health, trust is paramount. Dr. Mark C. McCauley holds an impressive array of credentials that demonstrate his commitment to excellence and ongoing professional development:

Over 25 years

of surgical and restorative experience

More than 8,000

successful implant placements

Hospital trained

US Army, ensuring top-tier medical expertise

Florida Licensed EMT Paramedic

enabling comprehensive emergency care

The only dental office in Delray Beach with a State-certified Operating Room for advanced procedures. So rest assured that you are in the hands of a highly qualified dental professional who prioritizes your well-being and delivers exceptional results.